How much will it add to the electricity bill?

LED is much cheaper to run compared to other smart frame product substitutes

How will this increase business?

Exposure brings people by making the message visible to the customers. The frameless design emphasises the picture

How often does it need maintenance?

Doesn’t need maintenance at all unless you’d like to change the picture on the frame, 1year warranty for all products
In weather outside – the print will last 5 years

If it’s such high quality, why are the prices low?

It’s a new approach to the existing market. Aluminum frames and canvas’ are cheap to produce

How long does it take to install?

Depends on the size and placement
Indoor – within an hour or so
If it requires special equipment or out door (such as at a 4m height) will take between 2- 4 hours

Are the sizes standardised?

No, any size is possible. Can be customised and shaped to suit your needs

Why will it stand out?

The displays can move and will show up at night

Where are the products sourced from?

Aluminum from Hungary, Dutch facilities in China
Canvas printing using SwissQPrint

Can they be a permanent fixture?

Yes, the frame will be paermanent, hoever the canvas can be updated.

What does SmartFX do? (Come back to question)

SmartFX is Sydney’s leading specialist in creating Smart Frames and Lightboxes for retail and advertisement. We turn flat surfaces into a display. Flat surfaces can be turned into a LED or LCD display, depending on the target and needs of customers

What are Smart Frames

A set of different types of aluminium frames, designed to address different sizes and canvas types. Can be with light or without light, indoor or outdoors. Can take any shape and size, depending on your surface or

What are Light Boxes?

Light Boxes are an advert unit with a backlight that lights up the picture on the front

Sounds expensive! how much does it cost?

Good news! Because SmartFX utilises the newest cost effective technologies, we are able to deliver the cheapest and most cost-competitive price to customers such as yourself! Its a newer approach to an existing technology.

Is traditional light boxes of aluminium panels?

Piece of aluminium creates a more lightweight and stronger material. LED creates a backlight of even proportions, highlighting each aspect of the picture. because it is customisable, LED’s can be placed anywhere to highlight whatever you want.

Is it safe?

All Australian safety compliances have been met and exceeded. One only major worry is the electrical components, which does meet Australian standards. However, normal care should be exercised

Is it reliable?

1 year warranty. Generally speaking, Smart Frames and Light Boxes are very reliable, however, the ageing of the canvas will depend on where the advertisement is placed. For example, an advertisement outside and in direct sunlight will wear more than an advertisement inside

Do I need any prior equipment to use Smart Frames or Light Boxes?

Nothing! Installation is provided right of the bat. Staff in the store are provided training on changing the screens and provide the necessary software and equipment to also change pictures.

How will it help my business?

Exposure is increased. Brings in customers. Allows your business message to be told to the  customer. The frameless design provides more direct focus to the image you are trying to display.

Does it use a lot of energy?

Replace old bulbs and replace with cheaper LEDs and is much cheaper to run and is more efficient, and works especially well with Smart